The Stotts

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Donald & Davey Stott by Vic Reeves. Limited Edition print of 50 with Certificate of Authenticity, signed in pencil and numbered.

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610 x 530mm

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5 reviews for The Stotts

  1. James Shannon (verified owner)

    Bloody marvellous. I’ve bought it for my brother for his birthday but I’m considering killing him so I can keep it myself.

  2. Ben (verified owner)

    Quite by coincidence I also bought this as a birthday gift for my brother, but I’m not thinking of killing him in order to get my hands on it. I’ll just play the long game and wait till he dies of natural causes.

  3. Tristan lewis (verified owner)

    Hauntingly painful beauty now hangs on my wall,overlooking my sleeping frame. Plus,it arrived quickly & in a GENUINE cardboard tube!

  4. Shellby Longflange

    I have a brother. I didn’t give him a second thought when purchasing this. Although I would consider killing him but for different reasons. This was purchased for my strong but sensitive lover as a Christmas present. I’m sure he will die of moderately questionable but natural causes soon, paperwork pending. It’s a lovely print, highly recommend purchasing for yourself or for others who’s death you may benefit from.

  5. Simon

    I bought this because Davey man didn’t really think it through. Also I wanted to remove purchase from any nougat diggers that would be out there inflating the price.

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