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‘Jim doesn’t just see birds, he looks at them, so intensely that he understands them. That transcends painting or art – it’s not about reproduction, it’s about translation. About being able to speak bird with paint.’ Chris Packham.

Fans of Jim Moir (aka the comedian, writer, artist, and national treasure Vic Reeves) will already know about his love of birds. As his popularity as a painter has soared in recent years, the simplicity and sincerity of his bird paintings have given them cult status among his fans.

Now, for the first time, these beautiful paintings are all gathered together in one exquisite book. Featuring paintings of one hundred British birds, each spread will feature a single bird paired with a single diverting fact.

Without the padding of ornithological statistics or long descriptions, this is a book that reminds us why we love birds: because of the shapes, colours and sounds they bring into our lives.


  • 192 pages (140gsm white woodfree offset paper)
  • Bijoux format – 177 x  145 mm
  • Head and tail bands
  • Decorated endpapers


You can pre purchase the book from any major high street and online retailers, check out the links below!

* NOTE * unfortunately you cannot purchase the book from ourselves at




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